Friday, February 21, 2014

My life as Reality TV

This past Labor Day my sister and her family joined my family at the beach to soak up every last minute of summer. My sister has 5 children and I have 6.  They range in age from 21 to 5. They are mostly close in age and love being together.   I'm sure some of her children could pass as mine and vice versa.

 We come from an Italian family, so as you can imagine our normal is very loud! The more fun we are having, the louder we are. I don't even think about it to be honest. We swam, played games, cheered as the 5 year olds swam out to the floating dock with very little assistance and made sand castles. We ate, went paddle boating and paddle boarding. We had a birthday party for our 2 daughters who share a birthday.  At one point my brother in law went and got a hot pink bike they were giving to my niece and rode it from the parking lot to the beach, singing loudly while my daughter video taped him.

My sister and I sat in beach chairs and did what sisters do, talked, laughed and goofed off.  There is no one who gets me more or makes me laugh harder than my sister!

 Our families have vacationed together many times. On this day, I was determined to recreate an old beach photo from about 12 years ago. This seemingly simple request ended up being quite an ordeal. At that one moment, I realized other people must have been looking at us and became a little self-conscious.

After that everyone continued with the festivities. As we were preparing to leave, my sister looked at me and said she thought the couple sitting next to us was watching us. She overheard them trying to figure out who went with who. They had decided that our husbands were brothers. They both are handsome men with bald heads, so yeah.

 My sister engaged them in conversation and commented about our large families. They laughed and said they had been watching us for some time and had decided that if they were television producers they would surely choose our families for a reality TV show. Ok. My mind started to replay the events of the day.  It was a fairly small beach and we kind of dominated the area.  I was having so much fun it never dawned on me that our lively crew may have been drawing the attention of others.

Quite frankly, our lives would make a fascinating reality TV show but thank God it's not!

I do often have to laugh at how seemingly crazy my life must look from the outside.  I know there are many others who feel like we do; weary at times, or weary more times than not.  We try to take it one day at a time and ask God to give us the grace we need to make it through.

Having people to do life with is so necessary!  Having good relationships with family is invaluable.  As I sit in my home writing this and remembering that fun day,  I smile at how blessed I am!  I also can't wait to be back at the beach again.  There is a fresh 11 inches of snow on the ground in Minnesota today, so that day can't come soon enough!
                                                            Two great families!