Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time keeps On Slipping..

It's true what they say about how quickly time flies. 18 years ago I became a mom, and in what seems like the blink of an eye she is an adult!

I remember everything about my labor and delivery with all my children. I love how when women get together they like to share their stories in what sometimes can be a contest to out do each other. "Oh yeah, well I pushed for 2 1/2 hours and then I had a 3rd degree tear". True story and I apologize to any men who are reading this. It's like our badge of honor. We have to talk about it.

When she was born we thought every move she made and every breath she took was awesome! When she started talking, her high pitched voice was so sweet. She was so tiny and started talking early, people started calling her 'the baby that talks'.

From the time she was little she has been fun and full of drama. She is the person in our family who can make us laugh even in the worst of times. She knows how to laugh at herself, which is great. She is compassionate and wonderful with children. In many ways she reminds me of myself but then in other ways, she possesses qualities that I can only dream of having.

I wanted to write to Hannah from what I wish I knew when I was younger. Some things I've learned by my own mistakes and some I've learned through other people. She has given me permission to share it with you.

Dear Hannah,
I can remember being 18 like it was yesterday. It was fun being somehwat independent and scary trying to make choices for my future. It was also scary being on my own at school without my parents. My college years were some of the funnest times in my life!

I love that we can talk openly about things but I wanted to write and tell you a few things. Right now you have a million different options for your future. We want you to choose wisely. Do something that you love as far as a career. Do NOT chose based on what you think we may want you to do. Our only desire is that you find something that is fulfilling for you.

When you are looking for a potential life mate, there are a few very important things to remember. Look at his family because they will be your family too. Watch how he treats his parents, especially his mom as this is a good indicator of how he will treat you. Choose a Godly man and one who is spiritually as strong or stronger than you. It's good to have someone who makes you laugh. Life is hard and laughter is good medicine.

If he is mean to you now, it will only get worse in the future. Walk away. If he even dabbles in pornography, RUN fast!

Don't be in a hurry to have children. Make sure you and your husband have time together as a couple first. As you know, my parents taught me the value of having frequent "date nights". It has been such a good thing for us. I hope you can do that too.

Ask another couple who have been married longer to mentor you and your husband. Do not be afraid to seek wise counsel when needed.

Work hard, and play hard. Both are important. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Make Jesus your first priority always. Seek ways to learn and grow in your faith. Make good Christian friends who challenge you in your faith.

I'd like to say don't move far away for selfish reasons but honestly, it was the best thing for your dad and I as we didn't have anyone else to rely on but each other. It is one reason why I think we have a strong marriage.

I love you and look forward to watching you bloom as a young woman. I'm very proud to call you my daughter. Love and hugs, Mom


A Life Being Lived said...

This is a beautiful letter! I would have loved to received something like it when I turned 18. Happy Birthday!!

rachel said...

What an awesome letter! I hope that I can give wisdom to Mylin like that in 17 1/2 years!
Thank you for mentoring us - we so appreciate you two. I hope we can catch up together sometime soon!

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