Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Gift of Today

One of my fellow bloggers Joanne at The Simple Wife is fighting for her life as I write this. Her husband has taken over writing her blog(very beautiful and touching) so the rest of us can be kept informed of her condition. In her last post, she is laughing at herself for forgetting to open the flue on the fireplace and setting off the fire alarm. I can relate as it's something I would do! It was just a normal day and little did she know what tomorrow would hold.

None of us knows what tomorrow holds. I'm sitting here with my twin two year olds as they are playing. There are huge snowflakes falling from the sky and there is a fire in the fireplace. There are a dozen things I should be doing, yet I feel the need to bask in the beauty of the moment.

It makes me think about what my legacy would be if today were my last day here on earth. I'm not satisfied that I've loved enough, taken advantage of every growth opportunity or truly enjoyed every moment. I want to be more passionate and purposeful in living.

I can get caught up in the little stresses of daily life rather than the gifts of ech new day. It's all in how you look at it. My toddlers make me laugh hundreds of times each day. My husband still thinks I'm beautiful. My teenagers actually like me. Do you know what a gift that is?

I'm praying for my sister in Christ, Joanne and everyone who loves her. I'm thankful for the gift of her words and her example through her blog.

My teenage daughter came home and asked if I would drink diet Pepsi, eat soup and watch crime shows with her this afternoon. I think I'll add some peanut butter M and M's to the mix and call it a perfect afternoon!

Thanks Lord for the gift of today. Help me to embrace each day and to live my life fully for you.


Faith said...

What a great reminder of how fleeting this life is. You are such a blessing to me, Gina.

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