Friday, January 21, 2011

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Experience

I really try to be a good mom. Sometimes I am focused an all the things I "have to" do and forget to have fun. Every once and a while I'll let my kids help me cook. Today I let 2 almost 3 year olds help me make chocolate chip cookies. It was a bit crazy in my opinion, but certainly not in theirs! They cracked eggs on the counter, they started the mixer while I was on the phone, and they made a total MESS! They were having a ball.

Roman has this certain giggle he does when he's especially happy and I heard it several times today. I just melt when he does that! Rya was singing 'I am beautiful' by Christina Agulera. Hannah taught it to her and she sings those three words over and over. I love that she sings all the time and that she is confident in herself!

I actually let them put the ingredients in the bowl for me. I would normally get flustered by the chaos and the mess. Today I felt like I was gifting them with a great memory. I let them eat the cookies fresh out of the oven and they managed to get chocolate all over their face and clothes. They didn't have room for lunch because of all the cookies they'd eaten and I didn't feel one bit guilty, after all I was making memories!

They went off to play, dirty faces and all while I cleaned up the mess feeling happy and fulfilled as a mom.

I'm going to have to do that more often.


Nichole said...

Too cute! Looked like they had fun :)

Ashley Acra said...

You're a genius. Why haven't I done that??

Bj Forwood said...

Those times are the stuff of memory and love that unites
Great going

Anonymous said...

Inspiring...thank you for sharing...karen

Jamie said...

That's awesome. It's especially hard sometimes to remember that the mess is worth it.

rachel said...

thanks for sharing this! i cannot wait for these memories with mylin :)

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