Friday, October 1, 2010


Oh Jesus, I'm so tired!  My heart is a hot mess of emotion. I'm emotionally tired from worrying about the well being of some of my children and physically tired from running after others.  Sometimes I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog day because it's the same thing everyday.

I'm tired of not having the same energy that I once had.   Tired of feeling like I don't meet everyone's needs.  I'm tired from the burden of responsibility that comes with having 6 children.

I need a nap or an early bedtime.  I need a night out with my husband.  I need a friend to listen. I need a Bible study.

I need a peace that passes all understanding.

I need to remember that the sun will come up tomorrow and that this too shall pass.

I need to remember that in all of these things, this is how I'm serving you Lord.  Please give me the strength I need.

Do you ever feel just plain tired?


ariyana9501 said...

I need you to know that I am listening, and sometimes I feel the same. Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Love you!

Christine said...

Oh yes! You are not alone! Praying for you!

Unknown said...

Yes! I can relate. I'm praying!

Simplegirl said...

Oh Gina, I feel this way now. I pray for you and all mothers for our Lord to give us the strength that we need to face our everyday challenges.

Jamie said...

I'm exhausted too. Sometimes it feels like all I do is just get through each day and if that's all I'm doing, I'm really missing out on life.

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