Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hannah is going to Ethiopia, Africa on a mission trip

Hannah is my almost 18 year old daughter.  She loves Jesus, children, music, pjotography and helping others.  
At this time she is unsure of what she wants to do with her life.  She has a huge heart and is
 excited to embark on what she believes will be a life changing endeavor.  Please read about this 
mission opportunity.

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                             

I’m writing to tell you about an incredible opportunity I have with my Aunt Marybeth to go to Ethiopia, Africa. My Aunt first traveled to Africa for a mission trip when she was the same age I am now.  She was forever changed by this experience.  I’ve heard her say she “left her heart in Africa”. 

My Aunt and her husband Randy are partnering with their church, Hosanna, in Apple Valley, MN to start a ministry in Hosanna, Ethiopia.  This is something they have desired and prayed about for a very long time.  They traveled to Ethiopia in April to walk the area of Hosanna to see what God was doing there and what he was calling them to do.  Many doors have opened to them since then.  They are building relationships with 26 churches and their leaders.  They are leaving next week to bring all of the churches together to further establish relationships, build them up and lay a foundation for further work with the orphans, widows and bringing hope to the town of Hosanna.   There are many problems in this third world country.   Their goal is to work with the many prostitutes and multitudes of orphans that are in the region.  Their main objective is to bring the love of Jesus to those in need.  They want to help the churches to be better equipped in assisting these underserved people.  This will be done through job training and life skills mentoring.

On our trip, it will just be my Aunt and me as she is going to court for their adoption of my cousin Senait age 6.  While we are there and due to her many contacts and relationships already in place we will be:
            *Spending two days in the orphanage with Senait and the other orphans.  The orphanage is very poor with no running water.  The get their water from a river and bring it back in buckets carried by a donkey.  I’m very excited to love on all of these children!

            *We will be staying a night in Addis where we will be able to visit families in their homes.  We will buy and distribute to each family $8 worth of food, which will last them several months.
            *We will visit the local garbage dump where many people live and survive off  what others have discarded.
            *We will visit with church and government leaders to continue to build
I am so excited to have this opportunity.  I love children and hope that God will use me to spread His love to them.  I’m also excited to use my photography skills to be able to take photos to share and help others gain awareness of the plight of Ethiopians.    

I first and foremost am requesting prayerful support in this venture and as there are costs associated, any financial support would also be appreciated. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Hannah Lind

_____     I can financially give ____________ at this time.
_______I will pray for Hannah and Marybeth as they serve in Ethiopia.

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