Monday, October 4, 2010

15 Minutes

I was early to pick my son up from school for an appointment by 15 whole minutes.  That never happens!  The twins were with Grandma and Grandpa so I was in the car alone.  I was listening to Christian radio and I rolled the windows down and put my seat back a bit.

I closed my eyes.  It was as if I were instantly transported, no longer in my car but someplace else.  The sun was shining brightly and made me feel warm and relaxed.  I imagined I was sitting on my favorite beach in North Carolina.  I used the time to soak in the sun and the words of the music, both of which soothed my soul.  I could feel myself being nurtured by the Father, resting in Him.  I prayed and thanked Him for loving me and for the little moments like these.


Nichole said...

Those little moments when we feel blessed and can feel and enjoy God's presence are wonderful.
Have a great day!

Kimberly said...

You just relaxed me! I was reading your little tid-bit about yourself. I too am a social worker; I've always been interested in adoption but it's never been on in God's plan...yet...we're always open to whatever. Very nice blog. New follower here! ~Kimberly

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