Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Year Resoultions

I have enjoyed having a laid-back summer schedule with my family. Our days have consisted of either going to the lake or a nearby water park where we have a season pass. In the afternoons we do a little housework and some lounging. I love not being tied to a schedule! I love garage sales with the kids, shopping, walks through the neighborhood and grilling. The thing I don't like about summer is that I have to put off having a clean house until the kids are gone again.

In the summer I get extra help from the kids with housework, but at the same time they make so many more messes! Someone is always eating, the kids have friends over, we make more laundry with all the beach towels, etc. I will lament my children going back to school, but I will rejoice when I regain control over my home!

I just returned from Open Houses at 2 of the kids schools. It was total mayhem, which got me thinking about the mayhem that is my home in the afternoons once school resumes. I usually still get a little down time in the afternoon with twin 2 1/2 year olds who nap, usually at the same time. All of a sudden the kids start coming home and I don't transition well from the little bit of quiet I get to the loud, active household of 6 children all needing my attention. Before I know it, Kevin walks in the door from work and I realize that I haven't even thought of what to make for supper! That is such a challenge for me.

When I was sick, some people brought me meals. I have decided that is my love language. When someone prepares a meal for me it is a fabulous gift!! My sister Katie recently came for the afternoon and brought me a meal 'just because'. I was so blessed!

I am resolving to make meals at least 4 nights a week. I know I need to prepare ahead of time. I have been cooking double and freezing half. Today I made 10 baked potatoes and scooped them out and added sour cream, seasoning, cheese, bacon and green onions and added them back to the skins. I flash froze them and then put them in 2 separate freezer bags to be eaten with a future meal.

I vow that I will not add to the evening chaos with my lack of dinner planning. I want to be prepared and on top of it so I can focus on the children when they get home.

I'm curious, what do you do to make meal time easier at your house? What school year resolutions do you have?


Dana Mattingly said...

I think the "Cracked Pot" should bust out the "crock pot". This has always helped me. I also (try) to plan my meals one week in advance. I bought a cook book called "Saving Dinner". It's wonderful and the food is healthy and delicious. It has a list of foods to buy at the store for the week. Making it so easy.

Anne said...


I enjoy reading your blog so much. It is nice to see that I am not the only mother with similar issues.

I have been blessed to have the summer off with the kids. It has been wonderful. I am as excited and nervous as the kids to have them back at school.

Dinner was a issue in the past. I tried cooking once a month- that took away an entire Sat. from the kids. Now the kids and I make a menu every two weeks (stuck to the fridge). We pull an item off each day based on the activities for the night and length of time I have to prepare the meal.

My issue is homework with three kids who love school but hate the homework. With the activities they have I find it an exhausting struggle to get them to do it.

Anne said...


I love reading your blogs. It is so nice to find a mother with similar issues. I have been blessed to spend time at home with my kids this summer. I am as excited and nervous as they are to return to school.

Dinner used to be an issue with me. I tried cooking once a month and freezing. That took an entire Sat. away from the kids. Now the kids and I make a menu every two weeks (posted on the fridge). I chose a menu item each day based on the amount of evening activities and cook time. It has worked.

My issue is homework. All three kids love school but not the homework. With all the activities going on I find it an exhausting struggle.

Traci Michele said...

I need to do better with meal planning! :-) I go through spurts where I'll be good and then, uh hum, not so good :-)

Kim said...

Love your blog Gina - you have a gift with words and a beautiful heart!

I have been a real slacker in the meal department this summer and just had the same conversation with myself about getting more organized and back on track once we have more structure in our lives. With more structure brings more evening commitments for the kids, so often we aren't able to sit down and all eat together which frustrates we b/c I truly value that family time. With that being said, I plan my meals for the week (actually write them on the calendar) and use my crock pot often. We also like to grill extra meat on the weekends for some quick meals throughout the week!

Melanie said...

Hello! I love your blog! I can so relate to this post... especially cooking at home. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

~ ~

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