Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh Happiness!

After what has been a very difficult season, our family is beginning to be restored.  We will never be the same because we are always growing and changing, but we are better.  We are learning to communicate better, forgive much, and laugh more.

For those of you who don't know, in the past 2 years we have adopted twins, I quit my job as an adoption social worker, moved to a new state, my husband took a new job, our kids changed schools, we lost 3 dogs, dealt with my major depression, had a son go through drug treatment and lost a well established support network and have yet to redefine a new one.

Underlying all of this is the truth that the move, job change and ability to overcome the challenging situations are a part of God's leading and we trust that ultimate good will come out of what we have perceived as a terrible storm because our God is great.  We have done our best to live out the biblical truth of "praising him in the storm".  This is sometimes easy, many times difficult, but always right.

One of our family mottos that we have tried to impress upon our children is "Anything that is worth doing, is almost always challenging and difficult".  We understand that in order to grow and experience joy, it often times requires a period of pain and suffering.  As the dust is settling, there are multiple benefits that we are beginning to experience as a family.

We have been able to move back to our hometown and are now close to our large family.  The overall benefits of the new job are beyond our expectations, the educational social and spiritual growth opportunities for us and the kids are far greater than where we were.  Life is short and the ability to spend quality time with our parents as we are all getting older is such a blessing!  So too is the invaluable assistance that both sets of grandparents have been able to provide during this past difficult season.

My husband loves The David Crowder*Band.  On their most recent CD release there is a song entitled "Oh Happiness".  It is a simple message about the joy found in God's grace that we receive just because He loves us.  Our family has been playing this song and video loudly, often, in the cars and at home.  It has become a ritual for our two year old twins to watch the music video for the song as we are preparing for bed.  In fact, they know many of the lyrics by now and can recognize the song after hearing the first few notes and get very excited!  Sweet little Roman gets his giggle on and says. "I like it Oh HappiMess" and sings it loudly, particularly emphasizing the words Happy, Mess, and Grace. This makes it even more fitting because we truly are the embodiment of the dichotomy of a Happy Mess!

This is a perfect theme song for us as we are seeing light at the end of the dark tunnel and reminds us of how good we have it, even in the dark.

David Crowder*Band Summer 2010


ariyana9501 said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are getting better, and that you are healing. I know that life is full of trials and tribulations, but it's good to know that with God, anyone can make it through.

I love you Gina.

Faith said...

Happy Mess, I love it. Oh, speaking of, I love your new banner . . . so beautiful :)

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