Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Girl!

I have been blessed with the gift of family. My daughter Linnea is one of those gifts.

12 years ago, I became mom to a second daughter. She was the only one of my 6 children that I had a definite preference as to the sex of the child. At that time, we had a girl and 2 boys. I did not know she would be a girl but I remember ordering a "pink" blanket from my mother-in-law, who always knit a blanket when I was expecting. I'm sure she thought I was crazy but she made it anyway.

Upon hearing those 3 wonderful words "It's a girl" I was elated! I cried and laughed. I was so excited, I let my husband choose her name; Linnea Isabel. What a beautiful name for a beautiful person!

Linnea is easy-going, sweet, helpful, intelligent, funny, responsible and a great soccer player! Somewhere along the line she was dubbed "sporty-spice", a name that suits her. She is as equally feminine as she is sporty.

I love being Linnea's mom! Today I celebrate 12 years of having that honor. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Marybeth Rolfe said...

I love her too. She is pretty darn special!

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