Monday, August 9, 2010

Senior Year

I'm dealing with the reality that my firstborn is about to begin her Senior year of High School. From the preschool years when she had a high pitched, squeaky voice until now have passed in the blink of an eye.


You entered the world with your eyes open and your lungs in very good working order. I was and am still so proud to be YOUR mom. It was our greatest desire to be good parents to you. I remember how we had our tiny apartment professionally "baby-proofed" in order to help keep you physically safe and to avoid any unnecessary pain or injury. When it comes down to it, it has always been our intent to help guide you away from pain and lead you to a life of joy.

Despite our desires, pain is unavoidable and it's often during the most painful times that we grow the most, and we realize just how much we need God to survive. It is truly our deepest yearning that you will always remember this truth. This life is not suppose to be easy.

I've told you jokingly that as the oldest you are our "practice child", but that God knew you could handle it, which is why you got the job. We acknowledge that being the oldest is often a hard job and you have done it so well! While I'm sure we've failed you a time or two over the years, I hope you are secure in the knowledge that we love you like crazy!

Some of my favorite things are listening to you sing and hearing you laugh. I love it when we both say the same thing at the same time and when you come running to find me to tell me something exciting and you do that 'little dance'. I like how you know how to stand up for yourself and others in a kind, non-prickly way.

I'm so glad that you gave your heart to Jesus as a young child and that you continue to seek to know Him more and more. I love that you have a heart for children and people who are hurting. Jesus did too!

You've begun to test your wings and in a short time you will learn to fly away from the nest. We'll still be here to gently guide you, no matter what.

Remember there's a God sized hole in your heart only He can fill. No friend, man, amount of money or notoriety will ever fill it.

There is so much I want for your future.

* to take what we have taught you and own it for yourself, not because it's what we believe.
*to have a servant's heart
*to utilize your beautiful voice to glorify God
*that you will find joy in the little things
*that you will find a Godly man who loves you and pursues you now and for years to come
*that you will understand the gift of family

I love you and can't wait to share more of life with you! You are to me a precious jewel. ENJOY your senior year!


Today I'm unwrapping my arms and beginning to let go of Hannah. To read more Unwrapped visit Emily at


ariyana9501 said...

I love this Gina....thanks for sharing this with all of us!!

nettrour4 said...

I am just bawling my brains out reading this, Gina!!!! I remember little Hannah as the cutest little toddler I had ever seen!!!! She totally took my breath away every time I saw her and watching you as a mom always made me in awe of you!!!! What an adorable, precious little girl grew up into the most amazingly beautiful and precious big girl!!!!! I love what you wrote and wish I could save it for my daughter! It just fits so well!!!!! What you want for Hannah is exactly what I pray for for Grace and Jade!!!!! Exactly, just stated so much better than I would have ever been able to articulate!!!!! Thank so much for sharing your gift of words with me and your truly inspirational parental thoughts. Love you! Heidi

brenda yoder said...


I stopped by your post today smiling, because this Friday I will be ending my first born's "senior year" by dropping her off 12 hours away at Liberty University. I have all of these feelings you have expressed and even more. I've journeyed about this somewhat on my blog this past year, and have many things in my head I don't know if I'll ever get on paper. I'm journeying with you as you get ready to release your firstborn!

grey like snuffie said...

Beautiful...always a first in our lives with children, choosing to set our gaze on Him while we flow through whatever comes with each of our children. So beautiful your testimony of her life. Our youngest is about to begin her Senior year of goes so fast.

Manda said...

This is absolutely lovely... being the mother of two daughter's, it really touched something deep. I don't want it to pass in the blink of an eye... but I have a sneakin' suspicion that it will.

Danielle said...

Such a sweet, purposeful letter! I saw that you were reading There is No Me Without You! I read that while waiting to adopt my girls from Ethiopia! Fabulous book!

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Wow... I wanted to check in {again} and so glad I did!
This post certainly hit home for me..... two teens in my own home unfolding their I needed to stop clipping the flight wings.

Thank you for posting such honest and beautiful words.

*Your daughter is beautiful.

Wander said...

I've come over from (in)courage. I said a prayer for you & your boys this morning. I know what you're going through.
My kids have had a hard time returning back to school as well and I work there. :)
I have a daughter that is in her senior year too. It's getting to me. I'm spreading my arms a little more and watching her fly on her own. God has blessed my husband and I in so many ways. Our kids have been our favorite blessing.
Enjoy all the fun stuff of senior year! It will fly by so quickly. {we have a son in college, so we did all this 2 yrs ago} BITTERSWEET!!

I live in Indiana. Where did you live when you were here? I'm in North Vernon. Blogging is so awesome at connecting friends!

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