Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Bucket List

I need to make plans. I need to have FUN! I'm posting my summer bucket list so I make sure I actually do them.

1) Canoeing at Taylors Falls
2) Try to water ski
3) Spend lots of time at the beach working on my tan.
4) Jet ski
5)lose 10 more pounds to add to the 25 I have already lost.
6) Watch a Twins game at the new Target Center
7)Make a new friend or two.
8) Ride all the roller coasters at Valley Fair.
9). Redecorate our bedroom.
10) Re-connect with an old friend.


Faith said...

This is so great, I am totally copying you on my blog! xoxo

Lynn said...

#10 Hi Gina,
Cheer friend, swimming, sleepovers, ant covered doughnuts, boy's, friend problems the memories keep coming back.
I know we were good friends at one time and I keep asking myself with many of those friendships what happened??? Time goes by and we all move on I guess.
I am praying for you... I don't know if you remember the problems my mom has, but I feel some of your pain in a different way Im sure. The hearbreak, guilt, somehow not being able to fix it... God will provide, stay strong in your faith, your love. This will heal, Im not sure why some have a harder path but you must be strong or you wouldn't have been given this journey, Im sorry you are broken Im sure the Potter will heal those cracks... Take care Gina, Love Lynn

Gina Lind said...

I've completed 2 things so far! We went canoeing in Taylors Falls on the 4th of July and we just finished re-decorating my bedroom. Next I'm working on #10!

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