Thursday, June 17, 2010

Africa Adoption

I worked in the field of adoption for 7 years. It became something that I am very passionate about. I don't know if I will ever work in adoption again, I've left that in the Lord's hands. I do know that adoption will forever be important to me.

My sister Marybeth and her family have recently announced that they are adopting a child or children from Ethiopia. I couldn't be more excited! Since Marybeth was a teenager, she has loved Africa. She's been there many times on mission trips. She told about her most recent trip and how she was riding a bike through the rain forest while being chased by an elephant on her way to pray with someone. It made me laugh when I pictured her doing this but I realized just how deep her love and commitment to Africa is. Her dream is to open an orphanage and to be used by God to help the children of Africa. This dream may soon come true through her passion and the help of her church. She cares about the children of Africa very deeply. I am very proud of her!

She has a talent for taking great pictures. One way they are raising money for their adoption is to sell some of the photos she's taken while in Africa. I've included a link to her photos for you to view along with a price list.

Sizes and Cost


She also can Mat and frame the pictures. Ask for pricing.
Please contact Marybeth directly to place an order.


Gina Lind said...

I ordered the print of the hands. It represents a lot of things to me.

Christine said...

Wonderful post Gina. We've ordered our prints. I love the sunrise and sunset pictures. We also ordered the one of the children praying. I know these pictures will bless many people!

I love the story of the cracked pot. Beautiful!

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