Thursday, April 15, 2010

100 Things I love

I have been working on this for a couple of weeks. When I felt nothing, I tried to remind myself of all the things in life I love.

I am beginning to feel better. Every day is a step forward. I have gotten dressed 5 days in a row. I've been out of the house 2 out of 5 days. I've still got a ways to go but am thankful for where I am.

1. I love that I was raised to know Jesus from a young age.

2. I love my husband. He is truly an amazing person. I know that he loves me because he shows me every day in so many ways.

3. I love my kids. Each one of them is special and unique. They make me better for knowing them.

4. I love the smell of roses, almond, fresh cut grass, babies and a swimming pool.

5. I love a clean house.

6. I love the ocean and the many summers we have spent renting a house on the beach. I feel very close to God at the beach.

7. I love chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate but any will do.

8. I love my extended family. I love seeing myself in them. I also love that we have all become very different people. It's fun to share our lives together.

9. I love my parents. They are an awesome example of overcoming what life has dealt you. They have been married for 42 years.

10. I love birch trees.

11. I love iced tea. I'm not kidding, it makes me happy!

12. I love my friends. Each one of them nurtures a different part of myself. I love having many different types of friends. My friends make me laugh more than anyone else.

13. I love helping people. I believe that in this life there is pain and it is unavoidable but being able to lesson ones pain by being compassionate is my God given gift.

14. I love to read. It's my favorite when I start a book and the whole world ceases to exist until I have finished it.

15. I love to decorate. I like choosing color, shopping for just the right thing and seeing the finished product.

16. I love music. Linnea has a shirt that says 'music makes me happy'. It really does.

17. I love the 80's. We were fashion challenged but it was so much fun. I still love big hair to this day.

18. I love going out on dates with my husband. It doesn't have to be fancy, just being ALONE is fabulous!

19. I am a certified scuba diver. I love the peace I feel when underwater. It is truly therapeutic. I haven't been in many years, but I remember the feeling well.

20. I love the sound of a train when I am sleeping.

21. I love buying shoes and jewelry, both can make a plain outfit fabulous!

22. I love it when God prompts myself or someone else to pray for someone and then we later find out what was happening at that moment.

23. I love people who are encouraging.

24. I love joyful people. You know, the ones who are always happy and upbeat. I think I gravitate to those people hoping they will rub off on me.

25. I love getting my hair done. I love it so much, sometimes Kevin will give me a card on haircut day.

26. I love a lazy day in the sun at the lake or the pool.

27. I love vacations. My ideal vacation is somewhere with a beach, pool or both where someone waits on you and brings you food/drink. That and a good book is heaven!

28. I love a good martini. It has to be fun and fruity.

29. I love falling asleep next to Kevin. It is my favorite part of the day.

30. I love to ride horses.

31. I love when the weather is cool enough for jeans and a sweatshirt and warm enough for flip flops.

32. I love sunshine.

33. I love the newness of Spring when the flowers are beginning to come up and birds are busy making their nests.

34. I love the first snowfall.

35. I love cuddling in front of the fire place.

36. I love it when my family is all together. This mama prefers it best when 'all the chicks are home in the nest'.

37. I love Sunday mornings. We go to Saturday night church so on Sunday mornings we usually watch the Food Network and then go shopping for the ingredients to make one of the things we saw on TV. Some of my favorite recipes have come from Sunday mornings!

38. I love taking a bath. It's my very favorite.

39. I love to work hard. I don't believe in doing anything half-way.

40. I love the patio at Club Soda. It holds a great deal of amazing memories!

41. I love waking up at my parents house and seeing my mom on the couch reading her Bible.

42. I love having my kids home in the summer!

43. I love anything with cilantro.

44. I love to entertain in our home.

45. I love making and completing lists!

46. I love the color BLUE in all variants.

47. I love when my kids have their friends over. I like to be "that" house.

48. I love climbing into a bed with clean sheets.

49. I love using adjectives.

50. I love giving gifts. I love searching for and finding the right thing to give that I know someone will love and use. I love the look on the persons face when they like what I bought.

51. I love the sound of crickets chirping.

52. I love roller coasters.

53. I love bubble gum.

54. I love laughing so hard at anything I cry.

55. I love the cold side of a pillow.

56. I love it when the trees are ice/snow covered. It makes me wish I were a good photographer.

57. I love going shopping and finding what I wanted on sale.

58. I love playing in the rain.

59. I love it when I try to be crafty. I'm not but once and a while, I give it a try.

60. I love it when my legs feel like jello after a workout.

61. I love drinking a frozen coke.

62. I love whoever invented the GPS system. Now I don't have to get lost all the time.

63. I love it when Kevin plans a date night all by himself, including the babysitter.

64. I love the smell of a donut shop.

65. I LOVE the state fair.

66. I love our family tradition of eating home made ravioli at the holidays. It's so good!

67. I love how I feel when I am with Kevin.

68. I love Roman's laugh.

69. I love to hear Spencer singing from his bedroom.

70. I love remembering each birth of our children. I remember every detail like it was yesterday and I never want to forget because they are my proudest moments.

71. I love that Kera choose Kevin and I to be Rya and Roman's parents.

72. I love it when friends just "drop by".

73. I love chocolate banana malts.

74. I love Ebay. You'd be surprised by the fabulous things I've found!

75. I love pear and marshmallow jellybeans.

76. I LOVE spring!

77. I love the beautiful sound of birds chirping.

78. I love it when I actually look good in a photo. It's about 1 of every 100.

79. I love when people ask if Hannah and I are sisters!

80. I love when Kevin has the day off.

81. I love Linnea's sweetness. She's so easy-going and kind. I want to be more like her.

82. I love my in-laws. They love me unconditionally and I know that.

83. I love a good mystery.

84. I love how when Sterling walks into a room everyone yells "STERLING" just like Norm on Cheers. He is loved by the young and old alike.

85. I love to spray paint things.

86. I love how Hannah can totally stand up for herself. I'm not like that.

87. I love how Rya is so stinking smart. She's amazing!

88. I love to see my kids passionate about things.

89. I love being an Auntie. I also enjoy seeing my siblings as parents.

90. I love the comfort of home in Minnesota.

91. I love(d) the field of adoption.

92. I love to watch Linnea score a goal.

93. I love listening to Hannah, Spencer or Sterling sing.

94. I love it when Rya spontaneously sings 'Jesus Loves Me'.

95. I love how Roman uses everything as a basketball hoop.

96. I love it when someone brings me a meal!

97. I love gift certificates.

98. I love finding a bible verse that seems to be written just for me.

99. I love spending all day at the pool or beach.

100. I love that when I was 18 years old, I met and fell in love with a man who would prove to be my true knight in shining armor. I have been blessed beyond words to have Kevin as my husband.


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